Kansas Deaf-Blind Project

The Kansas Deaf-Blind Project is a federally funded grant designed to provide technical assistance to educational teams and families who serve learners with deaf-blindness in Kansas. Our Project goals include:

  • Collaborate with the medical, community, and infant toddler services to identify children with deaf-blindness early so services can be provided to the child and family
  • Provide training to families and service providers who work with children with deaf-blindness
  • Provide family and self-advocacy support
  • Assist families and educational teams to make effective plans for times of transition
  • Maintain learners on the Kansas census for the National Child Count

Services Provided by the Kansas Deaf-Blind Project

  •      Free technical assistance for parents, educators, and early intervention personnel by          project personnel and other consultants and selected web based family and school            team support.
  •      Assistance in locating children and young adults who may have both a vision and a            hearing loss.
  •      Inservice training on specific content areas as determined by needs assessment data.
  •          Ongoing SPARKLE training for families of children who are deaf-blind.
  •          Scholarships for intervener training for educators and training for parents/family                  members who have a child with deaf-blindness.
  •          Resources provided through the Kansas Deaf-Blind Loan Library.
  •          Resource Information Packets distributed to families of children who are newly                  identified as deaf-blind and to families whose children are re-certified on the Kansas         Deaf-Blind Registry.
  •           Annual and ongoing collection of Kansas deaf-blind census and federal census                  monitoring.
  •          Ongoing training and certification for Kansas school nurses, in screening for vision and        Usher’s syndrome.
  •          Ongoing collaboration with various agencies to expand services for children who are          deaf-blind.

Spring Tip

Kansas Deaf-Blind Fund

Learners who are on the Kansas Deaf-Blind Registry are eligible to receive funds from The Kansas Deaf-Blind Fund.  The Kansas Deaf-Blind Fund is funded by the state and is administered by the Kansas State Department of Education in Topeka.  Applications for the Fund are submitted on a first come first serve basis starting May 15, 2014.  The information for the Kansas Deaf-Blind Fund can be found at www.ksde.org and search “sensory losses” in the subject index under S. Scroll down to Deaf-Blind Fund Information.  Joan Houghton is the contact person and Cynthia Penrod is her assistant.  Joan can be reached at jhoughton@ksde.org and 785-296-2515.  Cynthia can be reached at cpenrod@ksde.org  785-296-7454.